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Customer Experience +  Social Impact +  Podcast  =


Better Mission Attainment

Understanding Clients, Beneficiaries & Others

Helping More People

John Corrigan is a customer experience leader with multiple career experiences that roles as a social entrepreneur, technology professional, nonprofit executive and now...podcaster! He founded the cloud-based startup Journimap L3C to provide affordable and advanced CX capabilities to people who are working to make a difference in the lives of others. As an L3C, Journimap is a social enterprise and is dedicated to providing low cost CX deliverables designed for use by nonprofits and for-profit, mission-oriented businesses. You can listen to John's podcast SocialImpactCX on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and SoundCloud.

John previously served as Vice President of Customer Experience for ACT, a $350 million nonprofit organization and a recognized leader in educational assessment. Before joining ACT he worked in the software and technology industry for 20 years. While navigating the complex world of customer experience as an executive working for a large nonprofit organization John came to three key conclusions:

   1. CX may have been invented by big business, but practices focused on empathy and understanding can lead to helping more people

   2. Nonprofits and social impact businesses typically can't afford the experienced team members, consultants and technology needed for CX work

   3. Where there's a will there's a way...and, if you try hard enough, significant CX work can be done with relatively small budgets


His podcast SocialimpactCX is dedicated to exploring customer experience concepts, methods, program development and other related issues for anyone working to help others but lacking a huge budget for CX initiatives.  


During John's tenure in the nonprofit education sector, he built customer-centric and web-based solutions such as the personalized, free college and career planning site that has served millions individuals and was recognized by The White House and Department of Education during the administration of President Barack Obama. He also developed a proprietary customer experience program focused on better understanding the journeys of underserved students exploring higher education opportunities and the school administrators, parents and counselors helping those students.

John has been featured as a keynote speaker at Salesforce's Dreamforce conference, has served on panels at SXSWedu, has participated as an active member of Forrester Research's leadership board The Customer Experience Council and has been recognized as a pioneer in developing  cloud-based solutions. He's working on the book Mission is the Journey: Driving Social Impact with Customer Experience to serve as a companion to the SocialImpactCX podcast.

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